DNA Investment Holdings

DNA Investment Holdings operates predominantly in the UK and UAE but does function with a smaller footprint in India. The company focuses on and specialises in acquiring and managing a portfolio of profitable and growing businesses in various fields, although specialised in real estate.

Ranging from construction finance to real estate development and property management, DNA helps to identify sites, develop them, and lease these developed sites to various housing associations in the UK. With each of our directors being a multi-specialist, we’ve quickly turned into an international project development and construction group, building for a better society, and known for our commercial awareness and commitments to our clients and shareholders.

The firm is about quality, market wisdom and good judgement, a constant throughout its history. Our culture allows us to have an unfailing focus on the importance of client and investor relationships – clients who, in their most challenging moments, have valuable advice and guidance. With multi-market exposure and experience, we offer not only a depth of expertise but also a breadth of experience and sound commercial judgement.

DNA Investment Holdings considers the West Midlands home. With one residential project consisting of 130 flats in Walsall already on the way, we hope to provide more high-quality residential and mixed use developments to the area. All while keeping the consideration and heritage of Black Country alive. We are committed to repurposing derelict sites by transforming them into value-driven residential and commercial developments.